“We each have gifts and we should explore them.”
~ Flying for Hope

Last week a few fired up ladies braved the cold to warm up to tea, entrepreneurial inspiration, and some ecochic shopping at NEW’s Tea Women and Wellness event.


Our energetic attendees included holistic wellness experts, charity founders, storefront managers and technological innovators.


Shari Ralish introduced us to three of her favorite blends: Smokey Chai, Peaceful Synergy and Romance. We also had snacks to complement the teas.



As we gathered in the circle, we learned how each woman reinvented herself from a wide variety of backgrounds, and were inspired by the vast amount of ideas and occupations in the room.


“It was very inspiring
to hear of all of the new business adventures taking off.
I was also very impressed with all of the women
who braved the cold and showed up ready to talk business and network.
Very professional.”

~ Peaceful Parlour


Of course we couldn’t resist shopping Shari’s fabulous eco-friendly, locally bought and fair trade products, which includes children’s toys that don’t require batteries, earth friendly home goods and decor, and energy clearing items.


With National Hot Tea Month in full swing, the tea accessories were abundant as well, including the hand-blended teas to fill them with.


Shari also offers energy healing workshops, such as Feng Shui for Romance on February 9, followed by a Downton Abbey inspired Jewelry Show that day, Animal Communication on March 22, Crystal Singing Bowls on April 22 and regular psychic medium readings.


It was a wonderful evening filled with numerous dates for future connections, and we look forward to our next Meet & Munch on February 12.


Hats were not required for this tea party, but the ones in Peaceful Parlour are quite adorable.


“Memorable experiences are
when you go to places that are different from the rest.”

~ Geneva Smiles


Photos by Maike’s Marvels and NetworkHoncho.com

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