More than a Webinar: Online Meet & Mastermind for Women Pursuing Leadership and Professional Growth

Held as a Part of Crain’s Small Business Week

Dynamic Online Networking Event including educational talks designed specifically for women seeking guidance & support in pursuit of success in themselves and their careers as women leaders. Participants will enjoy lively, enlightening education from business and leadership experts and be provided opportunities for brainstorming personal concerns/questions related to the topics discussed.

Speakers will include:

Erica Washington, ( “Passion on the Side: Pursuing Your Dreams While Maintaining Your 9-to-5

There are careers that call to us and let us leave our mark on the world, and then sometimes there is the career that pays the bills and let us chase those dreams. How do you stay focused on the larger goals, and stay true to yourself, while balancing all your other responsibilities? Find guidance, advice, and support on your own journey from a woman who writes from the heart while working full time and trying to keep up with two kids with ADHD.

Erica Washington is a Systems Aide for the City of Los Angeles and Independent Computer Repair Technician, as well as author of the award-winning, “a blog about life, love and disorganization.”

Andrea Herran, ( “How to Work and Get Along with Anyone
You have to work with other people – either as a boss, peer, or client – to be successful. Learn the best way to adapt your style to be able to work and get along with anyone. No quizzes or test taking necessary. The only tools you need are your eyes and ears; learn how to use them in a unique way to gain the results you want and need.

Andrea Herran is the Founder and Principal of Focus HR Consulting. Andrea developed a passion for Human Resources and Leadership from the beginning of her career. One thing she noticed about working with people is you see the good, bad and the ugly from managers and employees. Overcoming the bad and ugly was a challenge she would take on and learning from the good and great made a lasting impression on Andrea. She bring those learning to her clients and team each day.

Susan Bruce, ( “Now That You’ve Found Your Voice: Tools To Make Sure It Is Heard

The need for women’s voices in media remains urgent, but what’s the best media outlet for your voice? Never have there been more new options, but traditional outlets remain some of the strongest -and most important – tools available for making yourself heard in the modern mediasphere. Learn tips and receive invaluable advice from one of the most confident and passionate women in media today, while learning how to use these tools to better follow your own path to leadership.

Writer, Blogger, Gadfly; Susan Bruce is a writer and talk radio personality on “The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen” on WNHN-FM. Susan Bruce is also the producer of Arnie’s radio show, and the manager of WNHN FM LP, a low power community radio station in Concord, NH.  A researcher for State House Watch, Susan Bruce also writes a newspaper column for the Conway Daily Sun, as well as her own lively political blog.

Dr Grace Scrimgeour “What research tells us about women in business, and how you can use it.”

There is a wealth of research relating to women in business, showing the difficulties they face and the strengths they bring to business. Did you know, for example, that women earn, on average, the same as men with one degree of education less than them? There has been a lot of publicity about Sheryl Sandberg’s book. ‘Lean In’, but do her experiences really reflect those of the majority of women in business? This talk will discuss a few key findings from (mainly) sociological research on women and work, and suggest how you can learn the lessons of these findings and use them to improve your own situation at work.

Grace Scrimgeour worked for many years in the not-for-profit and community sectors advising and supporting unemployed and homeless people in the UK, before studying for a PhD in sociology at Loyola University Chicago, specializing in the study of work and gender. She has taught undergraduates for over a decade, and is now back in the UK, working for an organization that supports unpaid caregivers.

ADMISSION FEE: $10 Early Bird*

*Early Bird Registration ends April 15
$15 After April 15

Wednesday, May 2, from 11:00am – 4:30pm.