Remember those booklists from last week? Well, we had a lively discussion about those and other fabulous titles at the NEW Wine Women and Wellness in Hyde Park.


57th Street Bookstore is such a gem. Just looking at books is so much fun.


We had the honor of talking directly to the author of A Thesaurus of Women, Barbara Joan Zeitz.


An anthology of her online columns (CountHerhistory), the book celebrates women, most unknown, and their accomplishments, all well known. The women Barbara has researched invented/discovered or created the APGAR score, Brooklyn Bridge, brown paper bag, cell phone, District of Columbia’s Cherry Blossoms, Computer language, DNA, egg carton and refrigeration, environmental movement, NAACP, OSHA, relativity, social security, star distances, and more.


The day of our event happened to be Rosalind Franklin’s birthday, honored with a Google doodle, who is featured in Barbara’s book.


With snacks and delicious wine spritzers we discussed equality on all levels, ranging from current to historic events (it’s mostly economically motivated, as much of history is).


We talked about our inspirational books and inspirational women, and I learned more about my fellow business ladies as they mark their place in Herstory.


New books we added to our to-read list are: The World is Flat, Freakonomics, Gangleader for a Day and The Black Count.


Then we had fun posing with books (book quartet photos by NetworkHoncho).


Barbara learned that Roget’s Thesaurus is based on Dr. Peter Mark Roget’s love of words. So she decided that since she loved women so much, she would create a thesaurus of women.


I picked up my copy, and look forward to reading it soon. A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones is available here.


Our August NEW events will be in Evanston, with the Meet & Munch at Stella Boutique and our Wine Women and Wellness at Symphony’s Cafe.


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