Last Thursday the Network of Entrepreneurial Women took in vibrant art, delicious snacks and some vino at the Awakenings Foundation Center.  The foundation unveiled My Fire: the Alchemy of Abuse by author and artist Gabriel Orion Marie, a new exhibit in their gallery.


“She’s alive, she’s healed, and she’s sharing it with us.”
~ Jean Cozier about Gabriel Orion Marie’s exhibit

We connected with fellow entrepreneurs, most of whom were drawn to this venue from a professional interest as (aspiring) therapists and counselors. After the introductions, Awakenings Founder and President Jean Cozier introduced us to the art work gracing the high walls of this loft space.


“We were moved by the art
and heartened by the positive impact it has had
on the artists and by the greater understanding shared
and communicated to the viewer.
It was a lively, enriching evening, and
we were so glad to learn more about the foundation and gallery.”

~ Erica Thomas

The Awakenings Foundation administers the Judith Dawn Memorial Fund for the Arts, a program that makes financial awards to survivors who wish to pursue the creative arts as a means of healing, empowerment, and expression. The fund has awarded $75,000 to 80 grant recipients since 1998.


The Awakenings Center showcases art work by multiple artists who have used art as a way of healing from their sexual abuse. As she administered the Memorial Fund, Jean felt that people were looking for a way to present their story. Jean started with her personal collection and then began curating different artists, including memorial fund recipients. In addition to visual art, the foundation seeks to host performing arts such as music, dance and literary expression.


The Awakenings Center is part of the Ravenswood Art Walk this year and expects to have 800-1,000 visitors come through its doors. Currently, the gallery is staffed Wednesdays through Fridays from 11 am to 4 p.m., but setting up an appointment by e-mail is recommended. The center is open to hosting group events, which can be arranged by e-mail as well.


After this enriching evening, the NEW co-founders planned the remaining events for the year over savory and sweet desserts. You can see what’s coming up on our Meetup page.


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  1. Thank you so much! We would like to add some of the photos to our Web site, if we could have your permission. Also, could you share the name of the photographer so we could include a photo credit?

    Most people who write about my work get at least something wrong. You didn’t! Thank you again!


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