We had a blast closing out Galentine’s month at Anna Shea’s Chocolate Lounge last week.


In spite of another polar vortex front several suburban ladies were lured by the chocolate bar, and we cozied up to the fireplace to imbibe.


The Pistachio Pomegranate cupcake was delicious, and I opted for a Bailey’s Chocolate cocktail this time.


Erica and I had done some chocolate research and found some great nuggets to present as chocolate trivia.


Then Karen launched us into speed networking, which was energizing and inspirational. Due to an odd number of attendees I sat out most rounds, which introverted me didn’t mind at all. It was great watching the energy build and connections grow.


We are super-duper excited to celebrate Women’s History Month with a women’s history expert, Barbara Joan Zeitz for our Meet & Munch on Wednesday, March 12.


Spending time with my Galentines is always so uplifting.


Seeing Curly Girl Design represented was a bonus surprise.


Here’s to a delightful week for everyone.

Photos by Maike’s Marvels and NetworkHoncho.com

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